Snapchat Advertising


Snapchat Advertising  

As one of the leading social platform of our generation, Snapchat is among the most favorite among millions. With 14 Billion views on a daily basis, Snapchat has grown to be one of the most prominent marketing platforms for businesses. Launched in 2011 only but this app has now around 218 million daily active users sharing their pics, messages and stories among themselves. SnapChat advertising has the potential to drive the right audience to many E-Commerce platforms.

Millions of audience use SnapChat for their daily conversations, posts, stories and sharing things among their friends. These audiences are differentiated based on metrics and dimensions that gives marketers to do product research for better placements of their advertisement. The young generation has also shown vast interest in using Snapchat services than Facebook & Twitter making Snapchat the right platform for businesses to do their online promotion.

All of our experts are involved in making campaigns in Snapchat and driving traffic to various eCommerce niche. They have the right capabilities and skills to offer you a unique perspective on your product research, creating a target audience, and optimising them on a regular basis for better business prospects.


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Understanding the Snapchat Ads

Objectives: All Snapchat starts with specific objectives for every project on the need of the business. Audience awareness, Website Traffic, User engagement, Video Views, Lead Generation, Catalog Sales and website conversions are the basic objectives for E-Commerce online platforms.

For E-Commerce Mobile App one can also target installs, traffic, and conversion for driving business sales & growth from millions of users coming daily on this entertainment App.

Here are the following different types of Ads being used in Snapchat

Snap Ads: Single Swipe ads showcasing the product value and story to the audience

Collection Ads: Group or Series of ads combined together to give users the right experience for shopping and buying products online.

Story Ads: Series of Snaps are shown with title to form a story-type ad to get high engagement from the users.

AR Lenses: Use these advanced Snapchat lenses and user interactive features for users to see & share them among their friends with.

Filters: Add special effects using the smart filters to your photos and videos for communicating the right message to your audience.

Commercial: These long 6 seconds of videos have the highest reach and engagement with users for enhancing your business online brand that includes non-skip features.

SnapChat Ads Manager utility from this platform gives marketers the power to track, monitor and see the real-time analysis of their ad campaigns. Our experts will integrate the web conversion and app conversion to track the campaign moment across multiple devices for your eCommerce platform. These data, facts and figures allow them to form a target and specific audience for your product based eCommerce platform.

For Targeting on SnapChat there are various metrics that marketers choose on the based on the product research.

  • Interests & Behaviours: Based on the hobbies of the users, what they like to do on and off the Snapchat platform.
  • Demographics: Based on age difference, gender, multiple categories, income, family history, household income and other population facts.
  • Location: Based on specific location, region, district, area, radiuses, address, universities and more.
  • Custom Audiences: Based on viewers who have seen your ads or remarketing strategies to give a further second chance for users.
  • LookAlikes: Discovering new potential customers based on your current existing customers.

What eCom Conversion Can Bring for Your Snapchat Advertising?

Along with Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat has become one of the top online platforms in digital marketing, especially for eCommerce businesses. Our unique features and capabilities that make us the number one choice for SnapChat Advertising are:

  • Conducting Product research based on multiple dimensions
  • Building Snap Ad Campaigns to drive traffic for your E-Commerce Websites and Mobile Apps
  • Handling traffic moment and performance of the Campaign
  • Optimizing Campaigns for higher conversion rate
  • Organizing engaging content, images, stories and whole campaign for improving user reach
  • Assign project manager for effective communication
  • Support, Maintenance and Tracking for your Snapchat Campaigns

eCom Conversion is one of the top Snapchat Advertising and marketing company in the Delhi NCR. We have worked with multiple businesses to increase their brand awareness online and getting them higher sales for bright future growth. All our professional solution provide businesses with the growth to scale newer heights in this competitive modern age.