Google Search Ads


Google Search Ads

As one of the search engine, Google also has the most advanced advertising platforms offering businesses a way to find interested users for their product and services.

Once the Internet gained popularity and Google started its own paid search advertising which revolutionized the online businesses. These Commercial paved the way to get direct leads from millions of user base. And with Google as one of the top Search Engine, Search advertising is now used by almost all the top national and international brands for driving users to their online platform.

On the Google Ads (Formerly Google AdWords) platform we run a campaign for your business based on the specific research of the product and services being offered. These campaigns are adjusted on multiple metrics to come up with the right projection for your business needs. Once the campaign is approved from the Google center than click starts generating from users with a targeted audience. Multiple campaigns for multiple sites can be configured for proper tracking and conversion management.


At eCom Conversion, our dedicated team has been working in Google Search-based marketing for the last 10 years with proficiency in handling campaigns for multiple fields of businesses. Using advanced techniques and smart strategies with precise targeting are our strengths in Google Search advertising. Also known as PPC (Pay Per Click) Google Ads are used worldwide by small, medium and large businesses to gain online leads to target local, national and international traffic respectively.


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Components of Google Search Campaigns

As one of the prominent advertising platform, Google Search runs on a complex metrics combination that requires years of right use and experience to get the desired result.

Here are the most important metrics of Google Ads

CTR: Click Through Rates are the measurement for a number of times an ad is clicked based on their impression on the respective keywords being searched in the Google. They appear at the top of the organic Search with higher click percentage among all ad types.

CPM: Cost per Thousand Viewers was the first method used in advertising and is preferred for Display ads advertising.

CPC: Cost per Click is the value that amounts for the value every click charged based on the user. It will vary from a different perspective as keywords, timing, location and many more.

CPA: Cost Per Acquisition is the amount that every sales or lead takes from running a campaign on Search Engine.

Keywords Planner: Search the keywords based on your business with their monthly average number of search and competitive pricing.

Understanding the Ads System

Google Search advertising uses its own algorithm and functionality that caters to thousands of businesses simultaneously. It has auction like mechanism where similar businesses can bid for top positions based on the same keywords. So higher the bid for that position will land your site on top of that search respectively. A sophisticated Planning and strategy will get you on top positions using the right metrics combination. At eCom Conversion, we apply the best industry practices to get your landing page on top of the pile using the minimum price bids and combination that will give you a higher return on Investment (ROI) always.

How Google Search Benefits Businesses?

Every business requires regular leads and sales for it to run properly. With Google Search Ads they can easily target the huge online audience who are searching on similar keywords as with your own. Users will click on the top sites and visit your sites for their respective needs. Once they found your online target pages satisfactory they will purchase the product or call for services accordingly.


To begin with building a campaign on a specific business, keywords selection, budgets, schedule, strategies and planning of every project is done under with eCom Conversion experts, who will make sure your business finds the suitable leads to stand apart from their competitor.

eCom Conversion expertise with Google Search Advertising

As one of the established Ads platforms with the highest number of daily visitors, Google Search can bring in the leads and sales for your business with effective planning only. Features that eCom Conversion experts bring for Google Search Advertising.

  • Campaign Buildups with complete Billing procedures
  • Right Combination of metrics for Campaigns
  • Sophisticated use of Keyword planner in coming up with a list of keywords
  • Regular Monitoring of Campaigns
  • Adding ongoing Optimization based on results
  • 24×7 Support and Maintenance
  • Manage multiple campaigns and Ad groups
  • Audience Search and specific location-based targeting

eCom Conversion with its top marketers and skilled professional has shown remarkable brilliance as one of the top companies in the NCR for digital marketing. We have the best market leaders and experts in our team to carry forward your business to newer heights. Our understanding of the whole Google Search Campaign and its versatile use makes eCom Conversion the best company for your online business marketing.