Google Shopping Ads


Google Shopping Ads 

With eCommerce businesses booming all over the world Google brought one of the most creative shopping ads solutions that cater to product based marketing. These Google Shopping Ads also are known among the marketers as Product Listing Ads (PLA), is used by almost every successful online business for selling their product respectively. Although these ads work directly on the product feed metrics for running a campaign like CPC, CPA, CPM etc. remain the same for an overall control on all campaigns from one account.

These Google Shopping Ads are visible on the search results. They will have relevant information with products picture. eCom Conversion has worked with hundreds of online businesses to build their campaigns for generating the right targeted traffic for their website. We Understand the nature of the user in using effective bidding strategies that will be benefiting your business prospects for years to come.


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Understanding Google Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads don’t require any written and compelling statements like in Text ads or attractive banners in Display ads but they generate the feed from your product data only. All the information must match your website for Google to show the products on live search engine searches.  Product feed has to be submitted in a specific format to the Google Search engine to understand and interpret the result from it.

Key Features of your product data feed must have the Standard information about the product.

  • Product ID: Unique ID for each product as assigned by the website backend
  • Title: Use the appropriate keywords to optimize them to rank higher among other competitors
  • Description: Google has a limit for 10K words but it is recommended to add 500+ description with size, technical specification, and more usable information
  • Link: The Site link where the product is connected to where the user will check the product before ordering them for use.
  • Category: Google Product Taxonomy allows to use of sophisticated product type information in their shopping ads
  • Availability: Their present availability to be whether in stock or not
  • Price: The right price at which the product is available from the respective website
  • Quality Images: Graphics used must be of highest pixel available for users to clear check the product on Search engine results only.
  • Custom Labels: Any specific attributes that will catch the user’s eye must be added to give more leverage towards your ads.
  • Merchant Promotions: Using their own center add smart info like free shipping, sale offers, percentage discount amounts, etc.

How Google Shopping Ads helps Businesses?

With competition running high among several online platforms, these shopping ads can place your product directly in the eyes of the users. As seen on the top of the Search pages’ user get a clear projection of the product with its price, discount offers, brand name and visual that entice him to buy it. For new businesses and unique product based organization, these Google Ads can have a significant impact with quick leads that will propel them with better growth.

eCom Expertise with Google Shopping Ads

With online markets showing no signs of slowing down eCom Conversion offers its premium solutions for Google Shopping Ads. As one of the leaders in the NCR for eCommerce marketing, we have dedicated a team to handle clients step by step planning for growth and expansion in the market. Few key features of Google Shopping Ads managed by experts at eCom Conversion.

  • Building a Google Shopping Ads campaign
  • Regular monitoring and optimizing for higher ROI
  • Using advanced methods of bidding with the right combinations
  • Making product feed using the best recommendations
  • Competitive bidding for higher leads for businesses
  • Manage multiple currencies for product sale with multiple data feeds
  • Build a larger data feed ad group and their proper management
  • Comprehensive support, maintenance and optimizing campaigns

As one of the leaders in Google Shopping Ads, eCom Conversion has always given preference to client needs in getting the highest return on investment(ROI) for their business. With eCom Conversion, you are assured with reliable experts who will give your business the boost to get ahead of their competitors in the market. Connect with our customer executives now to get your product listed on the Google Search engine!