eCommerce PaidAdvertising

eCom Paid Advertising 

After the initial rise of Organic SEO, it was paid marketing that led to the rise of the Digital Marketing comprehensively. It started with Pay Per Click(PPC) where businesses needed to pay based on every click. With modernization, automated software’s have come up in the industry that uses multiple metrics, dimensions and provide a way customize planning for business specific needs. At eCom Conversion, we are always striving hard to learn new paid marketing techniques and utilize them for driving traffic.

With the boom of the internet and then Google Search Engine, a lot of traffic generated from online activities. This revolution opened the paid marketing to a completely new level. More and more businesses started using paid marketing to get leads online. And with the rise of E-Commerce where online websites became the physical marketplace, paid marketing now has grown into an industry itself.


eCom Conversion is one of the leading marketing agency for the E-Commerce industry. We have worked with multiple online niches to make their strategies, build their campaign and be a part of their success stories. Our sophisticated strategies and Return on Investment (ROI) approach gives owners the confidence in our abilities to drive their E-Commerce to newer heights.


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Search Engine Marketing

With users now using Search Engines to find every service for personal home or businesses making them the suitable platform for paid marketing. These web platforms offer strategic campaign building based on different metrics that digital marketing experts use to drive traffic to their respective sites. Here are the main ways for building paid campaigns on Search Engines.

  • Search Based: One of the oldest and still the most effective way to promote a brand online on direct keyword-based campaigns on Major Search Engine. Google, Yahoo, Bing and most of the other Search engines offer campaigns for businesses to drive traffic and gain leads for their products or services.
  • Display Based: Another popular way to market the brand with the banner based display on a 3rd party to blogs, websites, news portal and other entertainment sites where millions of visitors come on a regular basis. At eComConversion, we have the unmatchable designers to bring forth your brand online with a higher reputation.
  • Shopping Ads: This E-Commerce product based specific targets online businesses who want to sell their products. These ads require proficiency and expert marketers to handle your campaign, keep a check on traffic and get a better return on investment(ROI) for your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has been a revolution in driving traffic for targeting the right audience. With the younger generation making the most of these platforms and have the highest presence for communicating, chatting, and sharing their day-to-day activities. Paid marketing campaigns on these social media sites are again based on different metrics and combinations. At eCom Conversion, we have dedicated team of Social Media experts who have years of successful experience in building campaigns for E-Commerce businesses and driving target audience.

  • Facebook Advertising: As one of the foremost Social media platform it offers numerous choices for businesses to invest in their current product for marketing. Businesses can choose to set the objective of their ads for higher reach, brand awareness, traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation and conversions.
  • Instagram Advertising: This Image and Video sharing app has the largest user-base for graphic based promotion. Profile Optimisation, Influencer marketing, traffic, reach, brand awareness, and better sales are a few of the important techniques popular for this social media platform.
  • Snapchat Advertising: Being the favourite among the younger generation, Snapchat has its own unique stories and filters to make a paid campaign more interesting for its users. Snap Ads, Story Ads, Lenses, Filters, and short video commercial advertisements are used in this social media platform.

Remarketing and Programmatic Advertising

With now machine language entering the marketing, these automated software’s are highly precise for targeting the specific audience who have already show a great response for your business needs. Remarketing targets the customers who have already visited the site and entice them to see the same product ad for the next few days. Re-visited users have the highest conversion rate among E-Commerce users. eCom Conversion has worked with hundreds of E-Commerce businesses to set up their remarketing campaigns in enhancing their market growth in competitive times. Programmatic offers automated buying and selling of online ads with the minimum configuration required to set up a campaign. It uses a data-driven approach to target potential customer’s based on different metrics.

Benefits of Paid Marketing

With businesses requiring leads and growth on a regular basis, these paid marketing techniques gives them the opportunity to move forward. Especially for new startups, these paid marketing campaigns can bring in the new customers directly to their platform for getting early leads and increasing their brand reputation as well. Here are the prominent benefits of Paid marketing campaigns

  • Instant Results and Conversions
  • Better Target Audience
  • Social Media Reach and Targeting
  • Higher Leads and Business Sales
  • Enhanced Online Branding

What does eCom Conversion bring for Your Paid Marketing?

As one of the top E-Commerce Marketing agency in the NCR, We have the top experts who have the right experience for taking your online business to a new level. Core features of eCom Conversion that stand us apart from our competition.

  • Best Paid Marketing Team in Delhi NCR with exceptional and Proven results
  • Customised Plan based on Product Research and Audience Research
  • Building Campaigns with strategies to deliver maximum results
  • Regular Monitoring of Traffic for improvising user experience and campaign adjustments
  • Using programmatic campaigns to use automation for buying and selling ads
  • Adding Remarketing Strategies to your sales campaign
  • Dedicated Team of Developers, Designers and Content Writers for Comprehensive E-Commerce Support